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News Archives – Northwell Careers

Growth through career conversations at Northwell Health

As one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For®, Northwell Health is invested in our team members’ development and their career experience is of the utmost importance. With opportunities across our organization, Northwell implemented the GROW (Goals, Reflect, Opportunities, Will) model as a guide for  important career conversations among team members and leaders to set goals, reflect on the career journey, explore opportunities, and how to get there.

We have a saying at Northwell that careers are well cared for and the GROW model truly supports our commitment in ensuring that the career aspirations of our team members are a part of their journey with us. Michael Dowling, Northwell President and CEO says, “We put our patients first, but to do that we need to take care of our employees and ensure a workplace that’s safe, life-affirming and team-oriented. Everyone at Northwell is connected by the common bond of service to our community.” Our commitment to the team member experience and alignment with their career aspirations is critical to our culture of innovation, and essential to ongoing efforts to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, heard, and valued for their contributions.

Each member of the Northwell team is unique which means growth has a different meaning for every one of us based on our individual career interests and lifestyles. In order to celebrate these different strengths and goals, Northwell set out to create ways to support the personal and professional growth of our team.

Developing career paths with the GROW ModelThe GROW model is what we use to guide career conversations and help leaders and team members collaborate on actionable, purposeful, and developmental plans aligned with their interests and available opportunities. This model shows members how to start or redirect themselves to their chosen and desired career path in one of our many career professions. It is completely customizable to meet their interests so that our team members can develop in a way that is most meaningful to them.

Careers conversations offer opportunities to strategize and develop action plans to reach certain goals and cheap essay writer these conversations provide a structure that keeps the lines of communication open. They enable our leaders to be better career coaches and give a voice and a clear focus for our team members’ career paths.

Northwell is dedicated to helping employees achieve their goals by providing the steps and support necessary. Discover how you can GROW your career at Northwell Health.