Northwell launches new Neurodiversity Virtual Mentorship Program – Northwell Careers

Northwell launches new Neurodiversity Virtual Mentorship Program – Northwell Careers

Northwell launches new Neurodiversity Virtual Mentorship Program – Northwell Careers

Northwell launches new Neurodiversity Virtual Mentorship Program

At Northwell Health, we are committed to creating a workforce that is as diverse and inclusive as the communities we serve. As part of our continued advocation for individuals with disabilities, we are proud to launch a new Neurodiversity Virtual Mentorship Program for college students.

The Virtual Neurodiverse Mentoring Program, created by the Workforce Readiness Inclusion team in partnership with the Bridges to Adelphi program, provides neurodiverse college students with an opportunity to engage with Northwell leaders across the organization in different disciplines. As part of the semester-long program, the six student participants gained firsthand insight into a career within the healthcare industry as well as a better understanding of how to support our neurodiverse population within the workplace.

The knowledge and experience the students gained will be invaluable as they begin to start their career journeys after college graduation. Beyond just meeting virtually throughout the semester to gain career insight and ask advice, students were given projects to work on to develop their skills across different healthcare disciplines and areas of interest.

The program was a success with students taking full advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with Northwell leadership. “Thanks to my mentor, Patricia Ricciardi, I gained experience in a new field, met several people working in that field and learned a lot about the retirement process,” says Anitra Marley, a participant in the program. “The Northwell Mentorship Program was a valuable experience and I am honored to have been selected.”

“I found the mentorship program to be very informative and engaging in terms of helping us to prepare for a career,” agrees Laura Madtes, another student participant in the program. “My mentor, Ariel Hayes, was very helpful and kind, and she introduced me to a lot of people who offered great advice for advancing my writing and work skills. I also feel that Ms. Hayes has helped me to improve my communication skills and I’m very grateful.”

“I was able to build a personal connection to my mentor, Jon Frascati, and even had the opportunity to make news banners for the Northwell website. I never thought before I would get the chance to have something I made be put on a website,” says student participant Steven Caminero. “Overall the mentorship program is a great experience and allows both mentor and mentee to learn from each other and to work together.”

And it wasn’t just the mentees who benefitted from this program but the mentors as well. “Participating in the Neurodiversity Mentorship program was such an amazing experience and one which I will cherish for online-essay-help net many years to come,” says Joseph Moscola, PA, senior vice president and Northwell’s chief people officer. “These students are so incredible that at times I was unsure who was who was getting more out of the conversations, the mentor or the mentee.”

“It has been an absolute honor and privilege to serve as a neurodiversity program mentor. These students are truly extraordinary,” says Joseph Schulman, senior vice president, Population Health Business Transformation. “Throughout the program they’ve shown how incredibly talented, hardworking and ambitious they are and I’m excited to hear about their many successes going forward as they begin their careers.”

At the end of the program, all mentors and mentees shared their experiences in a virtual meeting to highlight the projects they worked on throughout the mentorship program and to celebrate their work throughout the program.

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